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Tom Horan pictures from the riverhouse and other surrounding photos.
Pentagon 9/11 attack Flight 77

The yellow arrow below, shows a break in the floor, or structure between the first and second floor.

Tom Horan AP Photo September 11
AP Photo/Tom Horan September 11

this photo seems to be taken a few seconds after...

AP Photo/Tom Horan September 11

Yet one more here...
Why doesnt Tom Horan or the A.P. put all these on one page?
They seem to be scattered all over the web, no 2 together.
This one doesnt show the wall in question unfortunately.

USA under attack 47

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And yet another picture, seemingly taken a few seconds after,
notice there is no fire between the tower and the impact area.
This site, while not in english, has the name of the photo as Fake_vor_Einsturz.JPG ???

september 11 fake photo pentagon 9-11

The lawn here looks very good, i will have to ask which landscaping co. they use?
The arrow pointing to the circle, is where the original impact "should" be?
The orange arrow pointing down, shows what looks like the collapsed wall, but this appears to be too far to the right of the picture for it to be the collapsed wall? Note the grey blurry smoke just happens to be hiding where the impact area and collapsed areas should be.
If it is not the collapsed wall, what is it? The resolution is good enough on the rest of the picture, that we should be able to determine what this is?
What is the timeline of this photo?

photo taken from the riverhouse ATTACKS PENTAGON 9/11

sept 11th ATTACKS PENTAGON 09 11 01

Strange photo below, the roofline looks intact, though it looks like the wall has collapsed ?
Do you see a hole where the plane hit in any of these photos ?

tarp photo PENTAGON 9/11 pic

The red circle below shows where the tarp was, it must have burned. This photo must have been taken after the pictures which show the tarp intact.
This picture shows us where the wall really collapsed, it is plain to see here.
The angle is very similar to the picture above, notice the difference between the tree and the firetruck, and the tree and the generator. The photos are similar, but this one shows the collapsed area in the correct place.

Lipski Washington Post ATTACKS PENTAGON 9/11 ring
(Rich Lipski - The Washington Post September 11)

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The orange arrows below show where it seems the debris from the wall has collapsed.
(VERY similar to the first pics as far as the debris fallen off the pentagon wall structure)
the yellow arrow, shows the break in the structure at the pentagon.
The blue arrow shows the tarp that is white here, evidently, before it was burned.
(which brings up the timeline of this photograph !)
There is very little debris on the lawn, as in the attack photos above.

AP Photo/Tom Horan September 11

This is a very old photo (below), and the towerhouse has been rebuilt.
I am using it to refer to the roof structure. There is a turn in the roof gable at the point where wedge 1 begins.
The picture above though, shows this corner on the roof, but to the left there is another "break" indicating that the wall has collapsed.

Tom Horan PENTAGON september 11th

PENTAGON 2001 0911

What is this white object which looks like it has 3 openings, or exhuasts? What are the objects just above the question mark? The 2 arrows on the right show 2 columns still standing, though one seems bent. Why is it bent toward the RIGHT ?

power hour PENTAGON 9 11 2001 pelouse pic

Notice the pristine lawn.

closeups of the Pentagon lawn and damaged area...
pentagon photos sept 11 fire truck and yard area
pentagon closeup photos
pentagon wall closeup photos
Pentagon 911 analysis. Plane, missile or ? september 11th no plane debris photos
gate cctv video cam analysis...

Flight 77
Pentagon Attack Fire
Pentagon Attack Damage

HomepageSeptember 11 video and photo analysis wtc and pentagon

Mirror September 11 video and photo analysis wtc and pentagon

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